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    Contact EXACT-GROUP

    Head Office:

    Elite House,
    Firswood Road
    Garretts Green
    B33 0TG

    Exact-Group Elite House

    Opening Hours

    Monday – Friday07.30 – 17.00
    Saturday07.30 – 14.00
    Out of office hours please call
    or use our contact form to leave a message
    07971 117 118

    Why Deal With The Exact-Group?

    The Exact Group actually have the machines to deliver the job:-

    • Grab lorries
    • Concrete crushers
    • Volumetric concrete mixers for concrete and screed mixed onsite.

    If you are not in the trade you would be surprised how many websites offer such services as the above and then find someone to do the job.

    Why does that matter?

    Dealing direct with us saves you money!

    Saving you hassle. If you have any issues, who are you dealing with? In reality the person you paid. If they then gave the job to someone else that puts you in a three way triangle. Much simpler to deal direct.

    Please call today 0121 784 7070 for low prices and a great service.